1 2 Aluminum Plate

1 2 aluminum plate is widely used in aerospace, automotive, construction, marine and manufacturing industries. It has the advantages of excellent processability, corrosion resistance, lightweight, thermal conductivity and durability.

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What is the Thickness of 1 2 Aluminum Plate ?

1 2 aluminum plate refers to aluminum plate with a thickness of 1/2 inch. Aluminum plate alloy series of this thickness mainly include 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series.
1 2 aluminum plate in inches is 0.5 inches.
1 2 aluminum plate thickness in mm is 12.7mm.

Yongsheng has 25 years of experience in producing and selling thick aluminum plates. We have 1 2 inch aluminum plate, 1 4 inch aluminum diamond plate, 1 8 inch aluminum plate, 3 16 aluminum plate, 3 4 aluminum plate for you to choose from. Aluminum tread plates can meet the high standards of military grade. Our company can produce 1-8 series aluminum plate, strip and foil products with complete specifications and huge production capacity to meet your personalized processing needs.


Product Name 1 2 inch Aluminum Plate
Alloy 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 6xxx Series
Thickness 12.5 mm/0.5 inch
Width 750mm, 820mm, 840mm, 850mm, 900mm, 910mm, 1050mm, 1250mm, customized
Length Any
Color Standard color: blue, white, red(Special color: according to RAL colors)
Technology DC/CC
Packaging Plastic film + wood or as your request
Sample Free
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.
Loading Port Qingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai port, etc.

Comparison table of 1 2 aluminum plate thickness units

Unit Thickness Abbreviation Use Symbol
Foot (ft) 0.04166667 foot 0.04166667ft 0.04166667’
Inch (in) 1/2 inch 0.5in 0.5”
Millimeter (mm) 12.5 millimeter 12.5mm 12.5mm

1/2 Thick Aluminum Plate Weight

Taking the 4×8 1/2 inch aluminum plate as an example, estimate the weight of the 1 2 in aluminum:

Aluminum plate weight calculation formula: Weight = density x  length x width x thickness.

Aluminum plate density:Approximately 2.7×10kg/m3 or 2.7g/cm3

1 2 inch aluminum sheet 4’x8′

Density Approximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width 4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length 8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness 1/2 inch
12.5 mm
Volume 2,304 cubic in
Wight 224.64 lbs/101.89499 kg

4×8 1/2 aluminum weight (lbs): 7.02 lbs/ft2

4 x 8 1 2 inch aluminum sheet weight (ounces): 112.32 oz/ft2

1/2 aluminum 4×8 sheet weight (kilogram) approximately: 3.1842 kg/ft2

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1 2 Aluminum Plate: Common Alloy Types

1 2 3003 Aluminum Plate
Automobile manufacturing: automobile body panels, interior panels, fuel tanks, etc.
Construction field: building facades, roofs, ceilings and decorative materials, etc.
Aerospace industry: It can be used in the manufacturing of aircraft structures, fuel tanks and spacecraft components.
Coolers and heat exchangers: Equipment such as coolers, heat exchangers and regenerators.

1 2 6061 Aluminum Plate
Automobile manufacturing industry: automobile body structure, chassis parts, engine parts, etc.
Rail transit field: body structures and components of high-speed rail, subway, light rail and other transportation vehicles.
Shipbuilding industry: hull structure, masts, bulkheads, etc.
Building decoration industry: building exterior wall panels, aluminum doors and windows, ceilings, etc.

1/2 Aluminum Plate Near Me

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