16 Mic Aluminum Foil

With a slightly thicker gauge, 16 mic aluminum foil offers enhanced strength and durability, making it suitable for food preparation. The 16 micron thickness provides increased resistance to tearing or puncturing, and its stability and reliability. It also provides a dependable barrier against moisture, light, and oxygen, effectively preserving the flavor and freshness of the wrapped contents.

Henan Yongsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. is situated in Gongyi City, Henan Province’s industrial area. Yongsheng is a 25-year-old aluminum foil manufacturer. Production and development of aluminum goods are the main priorities of our factory. With 3200 workers, the factory occupies 780,000 square meters.

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16 Mic Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is available in a range of thicknesses, typically falling between 0.006 and 0.2mm. 16 mic aluminum foil is slightly thicker compared to a 15-micron foil, offering increased strength and durability. It may provide better performance in specific application.

16 mic aluminum foil offers increased strength and durability. It is suitable for applications that require higher protection, electrical insulation, and insulation, such as packaging, industrial, and construction sectors.

In addition to the 16 Mic Aluminum Foil, there are other common thicknesses for aluminum foil:

  • 0.001mm ( 1 microns)
  • 0.006mm (6 microns)
  • 0.010mm (10 microns)
  • 0.012mm (12 microns)
  • 0.015mm (15 microns)
  • 0.018mm (18 microns)
  • 0.020mm (20 microns)
  • … …
  • 0.2mm (200 microns)

Yongsheng Aluminum Foil Specifications

Alloy 1xxx Series: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235
3xxx Series: 3003, 3004
5xxx Series: 5052
8xxx Series: 8011, 8021, 8079.
Temper F, O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, T etc.
Thickness 0.006-0.2mm.
Width 20mm-1600mm (1.6m).
Diameter Inner Diameter: 76/152 mm;
Outer Diameter: Support Customization.
Packaging Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Box
Sample Free
Delivery Time Ready stock 7-10 days, on time delivery guaranteed
Loading Port Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Shanghai port.
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW etc.
Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Standards ASTM-B209, EN573-1, GB/T3880.1-2006, GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 19001-2016
Certificates MTC, ISO9001,SGS, ROHS,DNV,TUV,ISO14001,ABS,CCS,CE
Quality Control Mill Test Certification is supplied with shipment, Third Party Inspection is acceptable.


In the packaging industry, a 16 mic aluminum foil can be used for packaging products that require higher protection. It offers improved barrier properties, effectively preventing moisture, light, and oxygen from affecting the packaged items. This type of foil is commonly used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods that require enhanced preservation.

In the industrial sector, a 16-micron aluminum foil can be utilized for electrical insulation, shielding, and insulation purposes. Its thicker gauge provides better electrical insulation performance, making it suitable for protecting and isolating electronic components. Additionally, it can serve as an electromagnetic shielding material, reducing the impact of electromagnetic interference on electronic devices.

In the construction and building materials field, a 16-micron aluminum foil can be used as part of roof and wall insulation materials. It can reflect solar radiation and heat, helping to lower indoor temperatures and improve energy efficiency. Moreover, it can be used as a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from penetrating into the building structure.

16 mic aluminum foil

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Our Advantages

  • Excellent barrier to light, water vapor, oxygen, and oil
  • Food-grade processing factory, the wrapping paper is odorless
  • Excellent light barrier protection to support the shelf life and freshness of food

Yongsheng aluminum foil can be easily cut, wrapped, and laminated with other materials. It has good flexibility and is suitable for production and processing. Our aluminum foil has been successfully validated in various machines.

Excellent barrier to light, water vapor, oxygen, and oil: This helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the tobacco, preventing any unwanted external factors from affecting the flavor.

Heat conductivity: Yongsheng aluminum foil has excellent heat conductivity, allowing it to quickly transfer the heat from the charcoal to the tobacco, resulting in flavorful and satisfying smoke.

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