2mm Aluminum Sheet

2mm aluminum sheet is a common aluminum alloy plate with the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, and high strength. It is commonly used in 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, and 6000 series. The specification of 2mm aluminum plate is generally 1220mmx2440mm, other specifications can be customized. Its tensile strength is ≥180MPa, yield strength is ≥110MPa, and elongation is ≥10%. It can be subjected to various surface treatments such as anodizing, spraying, and coating.

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Product Introduction

2mm aluminum sheet is a commonly used aluminum material. It is often used as exterior wall decoration, roof, ceiling, wall panel, etc. in the field of construction; in the field of automobile manufacturing, it is often used for car body, roof, door, hood, etc.; 2mm aluminum plates can also be used as electronic product casings, ship construction (such as hull siding, decks), industrial heat exchangers, packaging materials, etc.

2mm Aluminum Sheet Surface Treatment

  • 2mm aluminum perforated sheet
  • Aluminium tread plate 2mm
  • 2mm aluminium sheet 8×4
  • 2mm mirror aluminum sheet

2mm Aluminum Sheet Weight

The weight of a 2mm aluminum sheet can be calculated using the density of the aluminum and the dimensions of the plate. The density of aluminum is typically around 2.7 g/cm3 or 2700kg/m3. To calculate the weight of a 2mm aluminum plate, you need to know its dimensions, such as length and width. So let’s say we have a sheet of paper that is 1 meter long and 1 meter wide (1m x 1m). The formula for calculating the volume of a sheet is: Volume = Length x Width x Thickness. Volume = 1m x 1m x 0.002m = 0.002cm3                    

Now, we can use density to calculate mass: weight = volume x density, weight = 0.002m3 × 2700kg/m3 = 5.4 (kg)
Therefore, a 2mm thick aluminum sheet with dimensions 1m x 1m weighs approximately 5.4kg.

2mm Aluminum Sheet Minimum Bending Radius

The bending radius determines the minimum radius of curvature of the metal sheet when bending. For a 2mm thick aluminum sheet, the minimum bending radius is approximately twice the thickness of the aluminum sheet. In other words, the minimum bending radius of a 2mm aluminum plate should be around 4mm.

Product Applications

  • In the construction field, it is used to manufacture decorative materials such as curtain walls, ceilings, and wall panels;
  • In the automotive field, 2mm aluminum plates are commonly used in body, door and other components;
  • In the electronic field, it is used to manufacture electronic product casings, radiators and other components.

applications of 2mm aluminum sheet

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