5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet belongs to 5000 series aluminum sheet with its excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and formability. Henan Yongsheng Aluminum offers superior 5052 aluminum sheet. We are able to provide our customers a wide range of high-quality items because we operate our own manufacturing. Our firm has been producing aluminum for 23 years, making it one of the leading producers in China. Established in 1999, the factory occupies 380,000 square meters and has 2,100 employees. You’re welcome to visit our factory at any time

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Product Introduction

The 5052 aluminum sheet is a versatile and widely used material known for its excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and formability. It is commonly employed in numerous industries and applications. With its high fatigue strength and good weldability, the 5052 aluminum sheet is extensively utilized in the marine and transportation sectors for boat hulls, vehicle panels, and aircraft components. Its exceptional resistance to saltwater and harsh environments makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, the 5052 aluminum sheet finds use in architectural and structural applications, such as building facades, roofing, and structural components. Its lightweight nature, coupled with its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, further contributes to its popularity. Overall, the 5052 aluminum sheet offers a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of industries and applications.

Product Parameter 

Alloy 5005
Temper O, H32, H34, H36, H38
Thickness (mm) O:0.5 – 4.0  H32, H34, H36, H38:0.5-150.0
Length (mm) 1000 – 6000
Width (mm) 500 – 2600
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
MOQ 1 ton
Loading Port Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Shanghai port.
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.
Quality Control Mill Test Certification is supplied with shipment, Third Part Inspection is acceptable.

Product Properties

Chemical Properties 

Element Composition (%)
Aluminum 97.2 – 99.5
Magnesium 2.2 – 2.8
Manganese 0.10 max
Iron 0.40 max
Silicon 0.25 max
Copper 0.10 max
Zinc 0.10 max
Chromium 0.15 – 0.35
Others 0.05 max each, 0.15 max total

Physical Properties

Property Value
Density 2.68 g/cm³ (0.0965 lb/in³)
Melting Point 607-649°C (1125-1200°F)
Thermal Conductivity 138 W/m·K (80 BTU·ft/(hr·ft²·°F))
Electrical Conductivity 40% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 23.8 μm/m·°C (13.2 μin/in·°F)
Modulus of Elasticity 69 GPa (10,000 ksi)
Specific Heat Capacity 900 J/kg·K (0.215 BTU/lb·°F)

Mechanical Properties 

Property Value
Tensile Strength 215 – 305 MPa (31,200 – 44,200 psi)
Yield Strength 160 – 240 MPa (23,200 – 34,800 psi)
Elongation at Break 12 – 25%
Modulus of Elasticity 69 GPa (10,000 ksi)
Poisson’s Ratio 0.33
Hardness (Brinell) 47 – 68 HB

Product Application

5052 aluminum sheet is widely utilized in various industries due to its exceptional properties. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it ideal for applications in the marine industry, including boat hulls, decks, and components that are exposed to saltwater environments. In the automotive sector, 5052 aluminum sheet is used for body panels, chassis components, and trim due to its lightweight nature, which contributes to improved fuel efficiency. In the aerospace industry, it finds usage in aircraft fuselage panels, wings, and structural parts, benefiting from its combination of strength and formability. Additionally, in the construction field, it is employed for roofing, siding, and architectural elements, thanks to its durability and weather resistance. Other applications include electrical enclosures, packaging, general sheet metal work, signage and display, HVAC systems, and various industrial components that require corrosion resistance. The versatility and reliability of 5052 aluminum sheet make it a popular choice across a wide range of industries.

5052 aluminum sheet in aircraft fuselage panels, wings, and structural parts

Product Advantages

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for marine and outdoor applications.
  2. High strength-to-weight ratio, providing structural integrity while maintaining a lightweight profile.
  3. Good formability, allowing for easy shaping and fabrication into various components.
  4. Exceptional weldability, enabling efficient joining with other materials.
  5. Versatility, with applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and packaging.
  6. Superior surface finish, making it appealing for decorative and aesthetic purposes.
  7. Resistance to atmospheric and chemical corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  8. Good electrical conductivity, suitable for electrical enclosures and conductive applications.
  9. Recyclability, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  10. Cost-effective compared to some other high-strength aluminum alloys.

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aluminum sheet products&packaging

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