5182 Aluminum Sheet

5182 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy series. The 5182 aluminum alloy produced by Yongsheng is widely used in the automotive and can-making industries. Yongsheng Aluminum was founded in 1999 with a factory area of 380,000 square meters. It specializes in the production of aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, aluminum circle, color aluminum, embossed aluminum, mirror aluminum and other products. With 23 years of production experience, our product categories cover 1-8 series alloy grades, it undertakes large-scale project orders, and global annual export volume reaches 300,000 tons.

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Product Introduction

5182 aluminum sheet is Al-Mg rust-proof aluminum. The performance of 5182 aluminum sheet is similar to 5A02 aluminum, but because the magnesium content is slightly higher than 5A02, and a small amount of silicon is added, the weldability is better than 5A02. 5182 aluminum sheet plate can be welded by gas welding or argon arc. The welding performance of welding, spot welding and seam welding are all very good, and there is no big difference in other properties.

Product Parameters

Grade 5182 Aluminum Sheet
Temper O, H32, H34, H36, H38, H112, etc
Thickness 0.10mm-350mm, contact us for exact value.
Width 100mm-2600mm, customized
Length 500mm-16000mm, custom-made.
Surface Mill Finish, Smooth,No Stains,  No Rough Edges
Standards ASTM-B209,EN573-1,GB/T3880.1-2006

Product Properties

Chemical Composition















Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Brinell Hardness
173-269 MPa 66-211 MPa 4-19 % 60-95 HB

Physical Properties

Elements Value
Density 2.68 g/cm³
Melting Point 607-650 °C
Conductivity Coefficient 33-40 (MS/m)
Modulus Of Elasticity 70-74 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 120-140 W/(m·K)
Resistivity 0.028-0.033 (μΩ·m)

Product Applications

1. 5182 aluminum sheet rolls can be used to produce can pull ring materials.
2. Production of automobile/ship accessories: automobile body panels, operating panels, reinforcements, brackets, and interior trim parts. The outer plating and deck of the ship’s side hull.
3. Production of mechanical and electrical components: mobile phone partitions, refrigeration devices, electrical casings, cabinets and other components.
4. Production of patterned aluminum plates: The thickness of anti-skid aluminum plates is required to be above 1.2mm.

applications of 5182 aluminum sheet

Product Advantages

1. Strong weldability and excellent processing performance.
2. There are less oxides on the surface. The surface of the rolled plate is smooth and has no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate.
3. Medium and high strength aluminum alloy, good fatigue performance and corrosion resistance.
4. The surface is free of peeling, bubbles, dents and local mechanical damage.
5. 5754 aluminum sheet products of different thicknesses, surface treatments, and sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum sheet products&packaging

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