5754 Aluminum Sheet

5754 aluminum sheet belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy series and has good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, weldability and other characteristics. Yongsheng supplies 5754 medium-thick aluminum plate, 5754 automotive aluminum sheet, 5754 embossed aluminum sheet, 5754 extra-wide aluminum sheet and other alloys of different specifications and thicknesses. Specializing in the production of 1-8 series aluminum sheets strips, aluminum foil and other deep-processed products for 23 years, You are welcome to visit the factory at any time!

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Product Introduction

5754 aluminum sheet is a material with an aluminum content of more than 99.75% and belongs to the 5000 series aluminum sheet. Its magnesium content is higher than that of 5052 aluminum sheet, and it has better rust and corrosion resistance. The anodized surface has no color difference and shows higher tensile strength and yield strength. In addition, it can be used for cold forming, cutting, welding, drilling, riveting and other processing processes. The 5754 aluminum plate sheet produced by Yongsheng far exceeds the national standard, and its quality is trustworthy. The 5754 aluminum alloy in different heat treatment states is the main raw material for the automotive industry and canning industry.

Product Parameters

Grade 5754 Aluminum Sheet
Temper O, H32, H34, H36, H38, H112, etc
Thickness 0.10mm-350mm, contact us for exact value.
Width 100mm-2600mm, customized
Length 500mm-16000mm, custom-made.
Surface Mill Finish, Smooth,No Stains,  No Rough Edges
Standards ASTM-B209,EN573-1,GB/T3880.1-2006

Product Properties

5754 Aluminum Sheet Chemical Composition
















Others: Each

Others: Total

5754 Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Brinell Hardness
200-330 MPa 125-270 MPa 8-20 % 44-75 HB

Product Applications

5754 aluminum sheet is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. It has high strength and corrosion resistance, but it cannot be heat treated. It has good plasticity during semi-cold work hardening and low plasticity during cold work hardening. It is widely used in high-speed rail sound insulation barriers, tank car tank materials, high-grade alloy doors and windows, pressure vessels, ships, automobiles and other fields. 5754 aluminum alloy in different heat treatment tempers are the main material for manufacturing automobile doors, molds, seals, and industrial containers

applications of 5754 aluminum sheet

Product Advantages

1. Strong weldability and excellent processing performance.
2. There are less oxides on the surface. The surface of the rolled plate is smooth and has no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate.
3. Medium and high strength aluminum alloy, good fatigue performance and corrosion resistance.
4. The surface is free of peeling, bubbles, dents and local mechanical damage.
5. 5754 aluminum sheet products of different thicknesses, surface treatments, and sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum sheet products&packaging

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