Aluminum Foil For Cigarette

Aluminum foil for cigarette is a composite paper made of aluminum foil and tissue paper. Generally, 0.006-0.007mm double-zero aluminum foil is used, which is in the O state and has good oxygen barrier, heat resistance, waterproof, UV protection and other properties. Based on the understanding of cigarette aluminum foil at home and abroad, Yongsheng Aluminum insists on using high-quality aluminum ingots as production raw materials and adopts specialized production technology and equipment. It is famous for its high-end aluminum foil cigarette paper, high gloss, high quality and stability, meeting the needs of the global cigarette market. Packaging machine requirements.

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Product Introduction

Aluminum foil for cigaretteis an aluminum foil material specially used for tobacco packaging. Cigarette foil has a smooth surface, fewer pinholes and low cost. It is usually used to make tobacco packaging linings, cigarette wrapping paper and cigarette filter paper, etc. Aluminum foil for cigarettes is mainly used to prevent the smell of smoke from dispersing, prevent tobacco from becoming moldy, and protect tobacco products from external factors. The commonly used alloys for Yongsheng Aluminum tobacco aluminum foil are 1235 and 8079 aluminum foil.

Product Parameters

Alloy 1235 8079, etc
Temper O, H22, H24, etc
Thickness (mm) 0.006-0.009
Width (mm) 100-1220
Length (mm) Any
MOQ 1 Ton
Sample Free
Delivery Time 7-30 days after order confirmation
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

1235 aluminum foil has high purity, good softness and excellent shielding performance, and can effectively protect the quality and taste of tobacco. 8079 aluminum foil is an aluminum alloy material with excellent properties, suitable for specific tobacco packaging needs. It has higher tensile strength than 1235 aluminum foil, has better stability and corrosion resistance under high temperature conditions, and can also Effectively prevents grease penetration.

Cigarette aluminum foil

Product Advantages

1. Anti-corrosion performance. The surface is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, and the anti-corrosion performance is greatly improved.
2. Direct hot pressing lamination saves the cost of veneer lamination.
3. The water vapor permeability is smaller, which strengthens the water vapor barrier effect.
4. Better tensile strength and stiffer veneer. More suitable for online lamination.
5. The veneer is flatter and reduces surface damage to the aluminum foil.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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