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Aluminum sheets for ceiling applications provide a specific set of advantages tailored for creating visually appealing and functional ceilings. Henan Yongsheng Aluminum produces aluminum sheet for ceiling in high quality. We are dedicated to maintaining full control over the production of all our products, ensuring exceptional service characterized by prompt delivery, guaranteed high quality, competitive pricing directly from our factory, and a committed team of customer service experts. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and eagerly look forward to establishing a strong and mutually advantageous business partnership with you.

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Product Introduction

Aluminum sheet for ceiling possesses lightweight nature, which makes it easy to handle and install, reducing labor and installation costs. What’s more, aluminum’s excellent corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting performance, even in environments with high humidity or moisture. The reflective properties of aluminum sheets contribute to improved lighting in the room by increasing brightness and creating a sense of spaciousness. Moreover, aluminum sheet for ceiling offer a wide range of design options, including various patterns, colors, and finishes, enabling customization to suit different architectural styles and design preferences. Overall, aluminum sheet for ceiling provide a combination of practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for achieving stunning and functional ceiling designs in both commercial and residential spaces.


Alloy series 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 series etc
Temper O – H112, T3 – T8, T351 – T851
Thickness(mm) 0.2 mm- 320 mm, Customized
Width(mm) 100mm-2600mm
Surface Treatment Mill finish, coated, powder coated, anodized, mirror, embossed, checkered, etc.
MOQ 1 Tons
Delivery Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days
Price term EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR,CNF,etc.
Payment L/C,T/T,Western Union,etc.
Certificates ISO9001&GS&ROHS&FDA&TUV&ISO&GL&BV,etc.

Product Application 

Aluminum sheets for ceiling applications find specific uses in diverse settings. In residential spaces, they are commonly used for ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other areas, offering a sleek and modern look. In commercial buildings, such as offices, retail stores, and hotels, aluminum sheets provide versatility in design and enhance the overall aesthetics. Educational institutions benefit from aluminum sheets’ durability and acoustic properties, creating conducive learning environments. Healthcare facilities utilize aluminum sheets for their easy-to-clean surfaces and hygienic properties. Entertainment venues, retail spaces, and transportation hubs make use of aluminum sheets to create visually striking ceilings while improving lighting and sound diffusion. These specific applications highlight the versatility and practicality of aluminum sheets for various ceiling needs.

aluminum sheet for ceilings

Product Advantages

Aluminum sheets possess a lightweight nature, facilitating effortless handling and installation. This attribute reduces the structural burden and simplifies the installation process, resulting in time and labor savings. Concerning aesthetics, aluminum sheets offer a broad spectrum of design possibilities, encompassing a variety of patterns, finishes, and colors. This adaptability allows for personalized customization, enabling the creation of visually captivating and distinct ceiling designs that harmonize with the overall interior aesthetics. Another notable advantage lies in the inherent fire resistance of aluminum. It inherently resists combustion, ensuring a secure choice for ceiling applications by impeding the propagation of flames and providing an additional layer of safety during fire emergencies. Moreover, aluminum sheets seamlessly accommodate the integration of diverse fixtures, such as lighting systems, air vents, or speakers. This seamless integration simplifies the installation process and offers flexibility in incorporating functional elements into the ceiling design.

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