Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized aluminum sheets have better bending and processing properties than ordinary aluminum plates. It is extremely weather-resistant and can be used normally no matter what the weather conditions are. Anodized aluminum plates are available in a wide range of colors and have particularly good anti-rust properties, which can extend the service life of the surface metal. At the same time, the coating also makes the material surface more wear-resistant.

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Product Introduction

Anodized aluminum sheets serve as anodes in corresponding electrolytes and undergo electrolysis under specific conditions under the action of external current. The aluminum sheet of the anode is oxidized, forming a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. After anodizing treatment, the hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum plate have been improved. It has good heat resistance, good insulation, breakdown voltage as high as 2000V, improved corrosion resistance, and will not corrode in high-intensity salt spray for thousands of hours. There are a large number of micropores in the oxide film, which can absorb various lubricants and are often made into various colors. Suitable for manufacturing engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts.

Product Specifications

Alloy 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 Series, etc
Temper O-H112, T3-T8, T351-T851, etc
Thickness 0.2-7.0mm
Width 100 -2600mm
Length Any
Packaging Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Box
Delivery Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days
Color Red, Black, Blue, White, etc
Sample Free
Type Embossed, Coated
Certificates ISO, RoHS, etc

Product Applications


Applications Picture
Auto parts anodized aluminum sheet for auto parts
Building decoration anodized aluminum sheet for building
Machine shell anodized aluminum sheet for machine shell
Lamps and lighting anodized aluminum sheet for lamps
Home appliances anodized aluminum sheet for home appliances
Signage anodized aluminum sheet for signs

Product Advantages

  • Good processability: The anodized aluminum sheet has strong decorative properties, moderate hardness, and can be easily bent and formed for continuous high-speed stamping.
  • Good weather resistance: Standard anodized aluminum sheets will not discolor, corrode, oxidize or rust for a long time when used indoors. The anodized aluminum sheet with thickened oxide film can be used outdoors and will not discolor after being exposed to sunlight for a long time.
  • Strong metallic feel: The surface hardness of the anodized aluminum sheet is high, reaching gem level, and has good scratch resistance. The surface is not covered with paint, retaining the metallic color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metallic feel, and improving product quality and added value.
  • High fire resistance: pure metal products, without paint or any chemical substances on the surface, will not burn at 600 degrees high temperature, will not produce toxic gases, and meet fire protection and environmental protection requirements.
  • Strong stain resistance: no fingerprints or stains left, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.
  • Strong applicability: wide range of uses, suitable for metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall aluminum panels, aluminum plastic panels, fireproof panels, honeycomb aluminum panels, aluminum veneers, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc.

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