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Aluminum coils are widely used as an important material in various fields. In order to enhance the appearance and functionality of aluminum coils, different surface treatment for aluminum coils are used. In this article, we will introduce some common surface treatment methods for aluminum coils, including color coating, mirror, diamond, and embossing, and discuss their characteristics and application areas.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil Surface Treatment

Color coated aluminum coil, just as its name implies, is the surface of the aluminum substrate paint coloring treatment. Common processing methods have fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil and polyester color coated aluminum coil, which are extensively used in aluminum composite panels, industrial plant roof walls, aluminum louvers, composite panels, aluminum ceilings, cans and  electronic products. Color coated aluminum coil coating is divided into: polyester coated aluminum coil (PE) and fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil (PVDF). The polyester coating formed by baking and coating the surface of the aluminum sheet several times can form a continuous solid film firmly adhered with protective and decorative characteristics. It is a kind of anti-UV coating, polyester resin is used in the main chain of polymer containing ester bond as a monomer, add alkyd resin, ultraviolet absorber according to the gloss level can be divided into matte and high-gloss series. Can give color aluminum supplies rich colors, but also has a good gloss and smoothness, and superior texture and feel, What’s more, it can increase the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense. It can protect the objects exposed to the atmosphere, by ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost and snow freezing attack. Owing to temperature difference, freeze-thaw cycle, corrosive gases and microorganisms, the coating can play a protective role, specially suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.

surface treatment of color coated aluminum coils

Wood-Like Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Wood-like color coated aluminum coil is a kind of color coated aluminum coil with wood-like effect on the surface. It forms patterns and texture effects on the surface of the color coated aluminum coil similar to the real wood texture through special techniques and technology. Combining the advantages of aluminum and the beauty of wood, wood-like color coated aluminum coil has the advantages of beauty, durability, easy maintenance and environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in the field of architecture and interior decoration, such as building facades, ceilings, walls, furniture, doors and windows.

Wood-Like Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Solid Color Aluminum Coil

Solid Color Aluminum Coil is a decorative aluminum material achieved by coating the surface of aluminum coil with weather and corrosion resistant polyester or polyurethane coatings. It is available in a wide range of colors to meet the needs of different projects and designs. The coating of solid aluminum coils has excellent weathering and corrosion resistance and is able to withstand natural environmental factors such as UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, etc., maintaining long-lasting color stability and appearance quality. In addition, solid aluminum coils are lightweight, strong, malleable and workable, and can be easily processed into a variety of shapes and sizes for different architectural and decorative applications. Whether used for exterior trim, ceilings, partitions or billboards, solid aluminum coil brings a modern, stylish and durable look to projects and meets design creativity and needs. Solid color aluminum coils include different shades of white, black, grey, brown, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. White aluminum coils are widely used in construction and decoration. Black aluminum coils are used in hair salons for highlighting and coloring hair. Brown aluminum coils are commonly used in wood grain decoration and furniture manufacturing. Green aluminum coils are used in environmental and agricultural applications.

solid color aluminum coil

Metallic Aluminum Coil

Metallic Aluminum Coil is a decorative aluminum coil with metallic texture and luster, which shows many kinds of metallic effects similar to stainless steel, copper, and aluminum alloys by coating the surface with metallic powders or metallic pigments. It is weather and corrosion resistant, lightweight and high strength, and has good plasticity and workability. Metallic color aluminum coil is extensively used in building facades, interior decoration and billboards, etc. It brings a unique metallic texture and stylish appearance to projects, adding a sense of luxury and modernity. Metallic aluminum coils are available in a variety of metallic effects, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, brass, titanium gold and solid gold to achieve different decorative styles and visual effects.

Metallic Aluminum Coil

Aluminum Oxide Coil

An aluminum oxide coil is inserted into the proper electrolyte, subjected to particular conditions, and a current is applied during the electrolysis process. This procedure results in the formation of a 20 micron-thick layer of aluminum oxide on the coil’s surface. On the other hand, a hard anodized film that is considerably thicker than 20 microns may form in specific circumstances. Aluminum oxide coils experience an increase in hardness and wear resistance when they are exposed to oxidation. Owing to the exceptionally high melting point of the hard oxide film, it also demonstrates fantastic heat resistance. Outstanding insulating qualities and resistance to voltage breakdown are displayed by the alumina coil. What’s more, it has improved anti-rust characteristics and can bear prolonged exposure to salt spray without corroding—even after thousands of hours.

Surface Treatment of Mirror Aluminum Coil

Mirror aluminum coil is a decorative aluminum coil that has been specially treated to give a highly reflective glossy surface. It has fantastic reflective characteristics that highly reflect light, creating a mirror-like effect. Featuring weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and light weight and high strength, Mirror Aluminum Coil is widely used in architectural decoration, interior decoration, and billboards, bringing a bright, smooth, and modern appearance to projects.

mirror aluminum coil

Surface Treatment of Diamond Aluminum Coil

Diamond Aluminum Coil is a decorative aluminum coil with diamond texture effect, forming unique texture and luster through special surface treatment process, presenting noble and fashionable appearance effect. It is characterized by weather resistance, corrosion resistance and light weight and high strength, etc. It is widely used in the fields of architectural decoration, interior decoration and electrical appliance shells, etc., which brings a unique decorative effect and visual attraction to the projects.

diamond aluminum coil

Surface Treatment of Embossed Aluminum Coil

Embossed aluminum coil is a kind of decorative aluminum coil with special treatment, which creates a decorative effect with texture and pattern by applying specific pattern treatment on the surface of aluminum coil. The following is a detailed description of patterned aluminum coil:

  1. Material: Embossed aluminum coil is usually made of high purity aluminum alloy. High purity aluminum alloy has light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, which makes patterned aluminum coil has excellent physical properties and durability.
  2. Pattern treatment technology: The pattern treatment of patterned aluminum coils is usually carried out using a variety of techniques and methods, including etching, printing, spraying and so on. These processing techniques can form different textures and patterns on the surface of aluminum coils, such as geometric shapes, natural textures, flowers, animals and so on. The choice of treatment technology depends on the desired decorative effect and design requirements.
  3. Decorative effect: The decorative effect of patterned aluminum coils is rich and varied. Through pattern treatment, the surface of aluminum coil presents unique textures and patterns, which can increase the beauty and decorative effect of the space. Different pattern designs can bring different visual feelings and decorative styles, from simple and modern to classical and elegant, from natural and warm to artistic creativity, to meet the needs of different projects.
  4. Weather and corrosion resistance: Patterned aluminum coil has excellent weather and corrosion resistance. The high-purity aluminum alloy material and surface coating can resist the erosion of UV rays, acid rain, oxidation and other environmental factors, prolonging the service life of the aluminum coil and maintaining its beauty and durability.
  5. Lightweight and High Strength: Patterned aluminum coils are lighter in weight than other decorative materials, and at the same time have excellent strength and rigidity. This makes patterned aluminum coils easier to install and able to withstand certain external forces and stresses, suitable for different decorative applications.
  6. Application Areas: Patterned aluminum coil is widely used in building decoration, interior decoration, furniture, electrical appliance housings and other fields. It can be used as a decorative material for walls, ceilings, partitions, door and window frames, etc., bringing unique decorative effects and visual appeal to the project.

embossed aluminum coil

Aluminum Coil Supplier

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henan yongsheng aluminum coil factory


The surface treatment of aluminum coils is a critical step in enhancing their appearance and functionality. Surface treatment technologies such as color coatings, mirrors, diamonds, and embossing give aluminum coils rich textures, unique appearances, and diverse applications. When choosing a surface treatment, it is important to consider the needs and application scenarios in order to achieve the best results for aluminum coils in different fields. Through continuous technological innovation and research and development, the surface treatment technology of aluminum coils will be further enhanced to meet the ever-changing market demands.

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