5052 Aluminum Foil

5052 aluminum foil is an aluminum-magnesium alloy that exhibits good processability and formability. Its tensile strength is much higher than that of 3003 aluminum foil, and it is a typical raw material for high-end household aluminum foil. Yongsheng is a large-scale 5052 aluminum foil raw material manufacturer with 25 years of experience in aluminum foil production and sales. The 5052 aluminum foil produced by the company has stable performance and has many advantages such as clean degreasing, fewer pinholes, good product shape, no deformation, and good anti-rust effect.

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Product Introduction

5052 aluminum foil belongs to the Al-Mg container foil alloy series and exhibits the characteristics of moderate strength, good formability, excellent corrosion resistance, and good surface treatment effect. The alloying degree of 5052 is higher than that of 3003 aluminum, but lower than that of 8011 alloy. It is a typical food-grade aluminum foil and is used for food packaging, lunch boxes, etc.

Product Parameters

Alloy Type 5052 Aluminum Foil
Thickness 0.006 ~ 0.2mm
Width 10mm ~ 1500mm
Temper O、H14、H16、H18、H19、H22、H24、H26、H28、 etc
Packaging Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Box
Sample Free
Delivery Time 7-30 days after order confirmation

Product Properties

Chemical Composition

Chemical Element Present(%)
Al Remain
Zn 0.10
Cu 0.10
Mn 0.10
Fe 0.40
Cr 0.15-0.35
Mg 2.2-2.8
Si 0.25
Others 0.15

Physical Properties

Properties Value
Density 2.68 g/cm³
Melting Point 650 °C
Conductivity 36 MS/m
Modulus Of Elasticity 70 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 138 W/(m·K)
Resistivity 49 nΩ·m

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
5052 Aluminum Foil 173-303 MPa 66-221 MPa 2-19 %

Product Applications

5052 aluminum foil is a typical food-grade aluminum foil, used for food containers and utensil packaging aluminum foil.
Manufacture of honeycomb foils. Honeycomb aluminum foil is widely used in the market, mainly used in household appliances, lighting industry, construction industry, etc.

applications of 5052 aluminum foil

Product Advantages

Yongsheng Aluminum is the producer of 5052 aluminum foil raw materials. The 5052 aluminum foil produced by the factory has multiple advantages, such as clean oil removal, fewer pinholes, good plate shape, no deformation in cutting, and good rust prevention effect. The products are widely used in honeycomb material, door board material, meal box material and other fields. Applicable standards: GB, American standard, European standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard, etc.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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