Aluminum Foil For Hair Salon

Aluminum foil for hair salons can be colored, printed, and embossed. In addition to being convenient to use, embossing can also increase the storage capacity of hair dye on the surface of the aluminum foil, which can achieve the desired effect faster and better. Yongsheng is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials for beauty and hairdressing. The 1235 and 8011 aluminum foil products are of high quality and at favorable prices. They are processed and exported globally, so you can purchase with confidence. Please click the button below to contact us today!

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Product Introduction

Aluminum foil for hair salon, hairdressing foils, perm foils, are specially used as environmentally friendly and hygienic, single-use aluminum foils in the hairdressing industry, helping to color hair easily, helping to reflect the effect of perms, non-toxic and non-irritating, a good choice for perming and coloring hair. Yongsheng is a professional raw material manufacturer of aluminum foil for hairdressing, our factory produces 8011 O aluminum foil, 1235 O state aluminum foil, which is the main source of various beauty salon foil plants at home and abroad.

Product Parameters


Temper Core Inner Diameter (mm) Maximum Outer Roll Diameter (mm) Conductivity (m/Ω.mm2)

Tensile Strength (MPa)


O 0.01-0.025 76 ≤35.4 60-95
8011 O 0.01-0.025 76 ≤35.4


Aluminum Foil for Hair Salon Applications:

Aluminum foil for hair salon is used to wrap hair during various perms and dyeings. It has a thermal insulation effect, which can shorten the time of hair treatment and avoid the contamination of hairdressing chemicals. Hairdressers can also use aluminum foil for hairdressing through special techniques or The process creates a free and dynamic effect on the treated hair. 8011 O aluminum foil has high strength and tearing properties and is often used for hair dyeing; 1235 O aluminum foil has high purity and thermal conductivity and is often used for hair perming.

1235 8011 aluminum foil for hair dressing

Product Advantages

  • There are no roller marks, bright spots, black lines, creases, or twills on the surface of the aluminum foil for hair salon.
  • The surface of the aluminum foil is clean and the shape is flat.
  • There are no corrosion marks, oil stains, wrinkles or seams on the surface of the aluminum foil.
  • There are no yellow oil spots on the surface of the aluminum foil caused by burning lubricating oil.
  • Hair foil products have neat cut surfaces, good quick-rolling performance, good toughness and good softness.
  • The cross-section is neat and free of defects such as tower type, loose curls, stringing, lifting, bumps and other defects.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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