5mm Aluminum Sheet

5mm aluminum sheet is a versatile material that can be widely used in building walls, roofs, ceilings, body panels, machine casings, signs and billboards, ship decks, moulds, etc. due to its combination of strength, durability and corrosion resistance .
The 5mm thick aluminum plate can also be cut, bent and shaped, and meets surface treatment processes such as coating or embossing.

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Product Introduction

5mm aluminum sheet refers to 5mm thick aluminum plate, which is 0.1968 inch aluminum sheet. It has the advantages of being lightweight, durable, easy to process, and has good corrosion resistance. It is one of the main raw materials purchased and produced by the factory in addition to 3mm aluminum sheet.

5mm aluminum plate show

YSA focuses on international market development, and its 5mm aluminum plates are exported to Vietnam, Thailand, India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, South Korea, Australia and other places. The board shape is smooth and beautiful, the inventory is sufficient, the packaging is firm and beautiful, and the delivery is timely.

Product Specifications

Alloy 1000 3000 5000 6000
Temper O, H12, H16, H24, H28, H32, T6, T8, T651, etc
Thickness 3mm
Width 100-2800mm
Length 100-12000mm
Size 4×8, 4×10, 5×10, 1220mmx2440mm, 1500x3000mm, customized
Surface Treatment Anodizing, drawing, color coating, high reflective mirror, drawing, sublimation, perforation, etc.
Technology CC/DC
MOQ 1 Ton
Craftsmanship Cutting, bending, etc
Standards ASTM-B209,EN573-1,GB/T3880.1-2006
Certificate ISO, RoHS
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

5 Thick Aluminum Plate Weight

Aluminum plate weight calculation formula: weight = density x volume.
Aluminum plate density: Approximately2.7×10kg/m3 or 2.7g/cm3.
Taking the 4×8 5mm aluminum sheet as an example, estimate the weight of the 5mm thick aluminum sheet:

 5mm aluminum sheet 4×8

Density Approximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width 4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length 8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness 5 mm
0.19685039 inches
Volume Approximately 907.086 cubic in
Wight Approximately 88.44 lbs

The weight of aluminum plate 5mm 4×8 is approximately 88.44 lbs or 40.12 kg.

Aluminum 5mm: Common Alloy

5mm 7075-t6 aluminum

Aerospace components: fuselage panels, wing skins and structural components.
Military equipment: armor plates, missile parts and weapons systems.
Industrial Machinery and Equipment: Highly stressed components of industrial machinery, including gears, shafts and structural parts.
Automotive components: High-performance automotive applications including suspension components, wheels and chassis components.

6061t6 aluminum 5mm

Aircraft parts, bicycle frames, automobile chassis, ship parts, parts for industrial machinery, furniture frames, electronic equipment, radiators for LED lighting fixtures, pipes, tubes and other hollow profiles, especially in the construction and automotive industries.

5mm Aluminum Sheet: Other Forms

5mm aluminum rod 5mm aluminum tube
5mm aluminum strip 5mm alumninum checker plate
aluminum 5mm anodized plate 5mm thick aluminum diamond plate

5mm Aluminum Plate Supplier and Manufacturer

Yongsheng has been specializing in the production of 5mm thick aluminum sheets for 25 years. Our factory’s aluminum plates provide single-sided film protection, no scratches, smooth cuts, no burrs, small cutting errors, and can be delivered in time for batch orders.
YSA has efficient production lines and professional staff, with large output, fast speed and affordable price. If you need the latest quote, please contact us today!

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aluminum sheet products&packaging

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