8079 Aluminum Foil

Compared to pure aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil performs better in typical packaging applications such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Above all, we are able to produce goods in accordance with what clients want. Henan Yongsheng has an abundance of excellent 8079 aluminum foil. In order to become more competitive, our factory is always introducing new and cutting-edge machinery and technology. With an annual output of 100,000 tons or more, our current facilities include 20 casting production lines, 2 color-coated aluminum coil production lines, 3 slitting production lines, 4 shearing production lines, 32 punching machines, 10 CNC lathes, and 4 embossed aluminum production lines. More than 40% of our output is exported

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Product Introduction

8079 aluminum foil is an aluminum alloy foil that is widely recognized for its tempering properties, making it highly valuable for numerous applications. It is typically processed and manufactured in the annealed (O) temper condition, which imparts excellent flexibility and formability to the foil. This allows for easy shaping and molding, making it suitable for various packaging needs. The annealed temper also contributes to the foil’s exceptional elongation and yield strength, ensuring it can withstand the stresses and strains associated with packaging processes. Additionally, 8079 aluminum foil retains its excellent barrier properties even in the annealed temper, providing effective protection against moisture, light, and gases. Its heat-sealing capability further enhances its suitability for secure and reliable packaging. With its tempering properties, 8079 aluminum foil is a preferred choice for applications that require flexibility, formability, and reliable barrier performance, making it an essential material in the packaging industry.

Product Parameter 

Alloy 8079
Temper O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24
Thickness(mm) 0.016-0.2
Width(mm) 100-1700
Length(mm) Any length by requirements
Standards ASTM-B209, EN573-1, GB/T3880.1-2006, GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 19001-2016
Application Medicine foil, tape foil, lunch box material, food packaging foil, etc.

Product Properties

Chemical Properties

Element Composition Range (%)
Aluminum (Al) 99.0 min
Silicon (Si) 0.20 max
Iron (Fe) 0.25 max
Copper (Cu) 0.10 max
Manganese (Mn) 0.10 max
Magnesium (Mg) 0.05 max
Zinc (Zn) 0.10 max
Titanium (Ti) 0.06 max
Chromium (Cr) 0.05 – 0.20
Other Elements 0.05 max each
Total Others 0.15 max

Physical Properties

Property Value
Density 2.7 g/cm³ (approx.)
Melting Point 660.3°C
Electrical Conductivity 61% IACS (approx.)
Thermal Conductivity 237 W/m·K (approx.)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 23.1 x 10^-6 /°C (approx.)

Product Application

  1. Packaging for food: Combine various materials to create flexible foil for packaging, which can be used to package bread, tea, candies, and other things. Additionally available in foil for aseptic packaging, such as paper cartons or bags for plain milk. Using one of the most ubiquitous objects in our life as an example, the aluminum foil composite film is the glossy film used in puffed food packaging bags.
  2. Medicine packaging: Medicine packaging includes blister foil, aluminum foil capsule boards, medicine covers, and drug packaging bags.
  3. Lunch box material: Typically used for airmailed, wrinkle-free lunch boxes and takeout lunch boxes.
  4. Insulation: Cable wrapping, tape, and other uses for insulation call for 8079 aluminum foil.
  5. Lithium battery packaging materials

8079 aluminum foil for food packaging, medicine packaging, lunch box material, insulation, lithium battery packaging materials

Product Advantages

  1. Flexibility and moldability: May be easily molded to fit a range of packaging requirements.
  2. Effective barrier qualities: Offers defense against gasses, light, and moisture.
  3. Maintains freshness: Keeps packaged goods fresh and of high quality.
  4. Capacity for heat sealing: Allows for safe closing and packaging that deters tampering.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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