Heat Seal Aluminum Foil

Heat seal aluminum foil is a material used for food packaging. It consists of aluminum foil and a layer of heat-sealing coating. Aluminum foil is a material with excellent barrier properties. It can effectively isolate light, gas and moisture, prevent cross-contamination between food and the outside world, and extend the shelf life of food. Heat seal coating is usually a special heat-sensitive glue that can form a strong seal after heating to ensure the airtightness of food packaging.

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Product Introduction

Heat seal aluminum foil is a foil having a heat-sealable covering on one side, typically made of a polymer such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). When heated, the coating can attach to other surfaces to seal the item, such as plastic bags or containers. Heat sealable aluminum foils are typically made of 8011 O aluminum foil, while other alloys such as 1235 and 8079 can also be used.

Product Specification

Alloy/Grade 8011 1235 8079


Tolerance ±1% or as customer’s requirement
Thickness 0.025mm-0.05mm
Width 150mm-1000mm
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
MOQ 1 ton
Standards ASTM-B209,EN573-1,GB/T3880.1-2006
Quality Control Mill Test Certification is supplied with shipment,Third Part Inspection is acceptable.

Product Applications

  • Household foil.
  • Container aluminum foil.
  • Aluminum foil packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical foil.
  • Beer foil.
  • Industrial aluminum foil.
  • Decorative aluminum foil.

applications of heat sealing aluminum foil

Product Properties

  1. High barrier performance: Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively isolate light, gas and moisture, and protect food from pollution in the external environment.
  2. Heat sealing performance: The heat sealing coating can quickly melt and solidify after heating to form a reliable seal to prevent food packaging from being opened or leaking.
  3. Fresh-keeping performance: Heat seal aluminum foil can effectively extend the shelf life of food, prevent oxygen, moisture and light from affecting food, and maintain the freshness and taste of food.
  4. Safety and health: Heat seal aluminum foil generally meets food safety standards, does not release harmful substances, and is harmless to human health.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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