Aluminum Checkered Coil

Aluminum checkered coil is a cost-effective material with a diamond pattern on one side of the surface. It has excellent anti-slip properties and is often used for flooring. Yongsheng provides embossed aluminum coils with various patterns. We have reliable quality, favorable prices, timely delivery and perfect service. Commonly used specifications are in stock, and special sizes can be customized according to customer needs. If you have any needs, please contact us in time and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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Product Introduction

Aluminum checkered coil is an aluminum coil product whose surface has been specially treated to form a textured pattern, which is achieved by applying pressure on the surface of the aluminum plate through a heat treatment process. The main production process is:
1. Ingredients: Calculate the component addition amount of each alloy according to the specific production alloy grade, and then match it with reasonable raw materials.
2. Smelting: Put the matched raw materials into the smelting furnace for melting according to production requirements, and then remove the impurities and gases inside through degassing and slag removal.
3. Casting: Under suitable casting conditions, the aluminum liquid refined in the deep well casting system is cooled and then cast into round cast rods of various specifications.
4. Extrusion: The heated round cast rod is extruded in the mold. During extrusion, the air-cooling quenching process and the artificial aging process are used to complete the heat treatment. The heat treatment intensity of different models is also different.
5. Coloring: This is the last step. The aluminum profile must be oxidized before coloring. Generally, the corrosion resistance of oxidized alloy profiles is relatively weak, so it must be processed by anodizing to achieve the desired effect. desired effect.

Product Parameters

Alloy Type 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 Series, etc
Thickness 0.1 ~8.0mm
Width 8mm ~ 2600mm
Temper O-H112, T3-T8, T351-T651
MOQ 1 Ton
Sample Free
Delivery Time 7-30 days after order confirmation
Loading Port Qingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai port, etc.
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, West Union, Money Gram, Etc.
Standard ASTMB209,EN573-1S, etc
Certificate ISO, RoHS, etc

Product Applications

Aluminum checkered coils are commonly used in construction, elevators, automobiles, shipbuilding and other fields, as follows:

aluminum checkered coil for elevator aluminum checkered coil for stairs
Elevators Construction
aluminum checkered coil for aluminum checkered coil for ship aluminum checkered coil for car
Shipbuilding Automobiles

Product Advantages

  • Precise size, non-slip and good decorative effect.
  • Excellent strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  • The surface is smooth, with clear patterns, no oil spots, waves, scratches, neat edges, and no burrs.
  • It has good processing performance, meets conventional processing requirements (drawing, stamping), and has high molding properties.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum coil production and packaging

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