8 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Thickness 

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What is Gauge ?

Sheet metal gauge is the standard unit of measurement for sheet metal thickness. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the metal plate. For example, 8 gauge aluminum metal sheet is thicker than 10 gauge aluminum sheet metal.

How Thick is 8 Gauge Aluminum ?

8 ga aluminum thickness in mm is 3.264 mm.
8 gauge aluminum sheet in inches is 0.1285 inch.

8 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Weight

Taking the 4×8 8 gauge aluminum sheet as an example, estimate the weight of the 8 gauge aluminum thickness:

Weight = Density x Volume.
Volume = length x width x thickness.

4ft x 8ft 8 Gauge Aluminum Sheet 

DensityApproximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness8 gauge
0.1285 inches
Volume592.128 cubic in
Wight57.73248 lbs

4×8 8 gauge aluminum weight (lbs): 1.80414 lbs/ft2

4×8 8 ga aluminum sheet weight (ounces): 28.86624 oz/ft2

4×8 8 gauge aluminum sheet weight (kilogram): 0.81834 kg/ft2

8 Gauge Aluminum Applications

8 gauge aluminum blinds
8 Gauge Aluminum

8 gauge aluminum blinds

8 gauge aluminum for building

8 gauge aluminum for building

Hot Selling 8 Gauge Aluminum Plate Specifications

Common Aluminum Sheet Thickness in Gauge

8 Gauge vs 16 Gauge Aluminum

When the specification size is used as the unit of aluminum sheet thickness, the larger the previous value, the thinner the thickness. Therefore, the thickness of 8 gauge aluminum is thicker than 16 ga aluminum.

8 Aluminum Sheet Gauge Price

The price of gauge 8 aluminum plate is not static, you need to refer to the aluminum price and exchange rate of the day. The aluminum plate itself is a processed product, and its price is closely related to processing costs, logistics and transportation costs, labor costs, etc.
YSA as a Chinese aluminum sheet plate supplier, we have our own factory and production line, with sufficient inventory and short delivery time. We provide OEM customized services, adhere to customer-centeredness, strictly control quality, provide the most reasonable quotations, and offer discounts for bulk orders. We will dispel customer doubts in all aspects from production to delivery. You are welcome to come to inspect the factory.
Let’s look at the aluminum price on February 2, 2024:

Today’s aluminum price of Yangtze Nonferrous Ferrous

2024.02.01 aluminum price
Today’s aluminum price 2024-02-01
Market Price Range Average Price Average price for the first three days Average price for the first five days Average price this week
Changjiang Nonferrous 18910-18950 18930 19023.33 19022 19000
Shanghai spot 18900-18940 18920 18940 18987.50 18987.50
Nanhai Lingtong 19160-19260 19210 19235 19287.5 19287.5

8 Sheet Gauge Aluminum Metal Near Me

Henan Yongsheng can produce aluminum sheet metal products of various thicknesses such as: 032 aluminum sheet gauge, .040 aluminum sheet gauge, .063 aluminum sheet gauge, 080 aluminum sheet gauge, 090 aluminum sheet gauge, 8 ga aluminum sheet, 24 gauge aluminum sheet, 30ga aluminum sheet, etc.

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