Color Aluminum Foil

Color aluminum foil refers to an aluminum foil product with a painted or coated surface. The paint exhibits exceptional durability, maintaining its vibrant color without fading even after extended use. Henan Yongsheng is a leading producer of color aluminum foil, operating a cutting-edge factory that upholds the highest standards in aluminum foil manufacturing. Committed to innovation, we continuously strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers by offering tailored solutions and customizable options. Whether it’s standard or heavy-duty foil, our factory is synonymous with precision, consistency, and excellence in aluminum foil production.

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Product Introduction

Color aluminum foil—also known as color coated aluminum foil—is a versatile and vibrant material that brings a dazzling decorative flair to a wide range of packaging and craft uses. It presents a colorful and visually captivating option to the standard silver aluminum foil, available in an array of hues. This specialized foil is perfect for imparting a unique charm to sweets, gifts, and artistic endeavors. Additionally, it can be employed to craft distinctive embellishments for the food industry and beyond.


Alloy 1xxx, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8xxx
Temper O H12 H22 H14 H24
Thickness(mm) 0.015mm – 0.2mm
Width(mm) 10mm – 1340mm
Coating surface single side, double side
Printing color

Can be customized according to customer requirements

MOQ 1 Tons
Delivery Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days
Price term EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR,CNF,etc.
Payment L/C,T/T,Western Union,etc.
Certificates ISO9001&GS&ROHS&FDA&TUV&ISO&GL&BV,etc.

Product Applications

  1. Food packaging: It is possible to wrap food, including chocolate and candies, with colored aluminum foil. Food containers, semi-rigid containers, and food packaging lids can also be made using it.
  2. Embellishment: One can use colored aluminum foil as decoration on gift boxes, in the home, etc.
  3. Construction supplies: A common raw material for thermal lamination used to produce foam insulation or building insulation is colored aluminum foil.

color aluminum foil for food packaging, decoration and construction

Product Advantages

  1. Visual Appeal: Color aluminum foil adds vibrancy and visual appeal to various products and presentations, making it an attractive choice for enhancing the aesthetics of items such as confectionery, gifts, and art projects.
  2. Eye-Catching Displays: Color aluminum foil is well-suited for creating eye-catching displays, decorations, and accents, making it a valuable tool for attention-grabbing visual presentations.
  3. Malleability: Like standard aluminum foil, colored aluminum foil is highly malleable and can be easily shaped and formed, allowing for versatile and creative wrapping and crafting possibilities.
  4. Differentiation: In a competitive market, using colored aluminum foil can help products stand out and differentiate themselves from others, contributing to increased visibility and consumer interest.

Product & Packaging Photos

aluminum foil product and packaging

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