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Mirror Aluminum Coil is a type of metal with a polished surface. This product is generally used to make various accessories for items such as decorations and furniture. Its main components are: aluminum alloy, copper alloy and zinc alloy (or lead) three materials. It is favored by consumers because of its high gloss and good corrosion resistance!

Architectural Field

Interior decoration: The high brightness and toughness of mirror aluminum coil makes it widely used in various building interior decoration, such as ceilings, walls, doors and windows.

Exterior decoration: In building facade decoration, the high toughness and weather resistance of mirror aluminum coil make it an ideal material. At the same time, because aluminum has a light weight, it significantly reduces the overall weight of the building, making the building more stable and reliable.

Indoor ceiling: Mirror aluminum coil can be made into various ceiling shapes through bending and cutting process, with good modeling performance and fine metal texture.

mirror aluminum coil in cellings

Home Field

Kitchen equipment: Mirror aluminum coil’s corrosion resistance and high temperature performance make it a suitable material for kitchen equipment, such as ovens, microwave ovens and so on.

Decorative home: Aluminum’s beauty and high brightness, so that mirror aluminum coil in home decoration to give full play to its role. Such as lighting, ground, furniture and so on.

mirror aluminum coil in furniture

Aerospace Field

Aircraft shell: The light weight and high stiffness of aluminum alloy material, making mirror aluminum coil become the ideal material for manufacturing aircraft shell and gas turbine.

Aircraft interiors: The rigidity and lightness of aluminum alloy materials make mirror aluminum coil an excellent material for manufacturing aircraft interiors.

mirror aluminum coil in aircraft shell

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic boxes: Mirror aluminum coils can be used to create cosmetic boxes for exterior packaging. Its high reflectivity and finish can give the box a high-end, stylish appearance and increase the attractiveness of the product.

Cosmetic bottles: Mirror aluminum coil can also be used for the packaging of cosmetic bottles. It can make the surface of bottle caps or bottles to give them a mirror effect, enhancing the sense of quality and visual appeal of the product.

Cosmetic mirrors: Some cosmetic products need to be equipped with mirrors, such as powders and eyeshadow palettes. Mirror aluminum coil can be used as the substrate for mirrors and processed to form a mirrored surface, providing a convenient makeup use experience.

Cosmetic display racks: In cosmetic stores or counters, mirrored aluminum coils can also be used to create cosmetic display racks or display panels. Its highly reflective properties can increase the brightness and attractiveness of products and enhance the overall display effect.

Lighting industry: Mirror aluminum coil is often used as a reflective material in the manufacture of various types of lamps and lighting equipment. It can effectively reflect light, improve lighting effect and reduce energy consumption.

mirror aluminum coil in cosmetic packaging

Solar Energy

Reflector panels in solar collectors are usually made of mirrored aluminum coils, which can reflect the sunlight to the collector tubes and improve the efficiency of solar energy absorption.

mirror aluminum coil in solar energy

Electronic Products

Mirror aluminum coil is also used in the appearance design of electronic products, such as cell phones, laptops, tablet PCs and so on. It can increase the fashionable and high-end sense of the product.

mirror aluminum coil in phone case

Automotive Industry

Mirror aluminum coil is commonly used in automotive interior and exterior decoration. It can be used to make body shells, roofs, wheel covers and other parts to enhance the exterior texture and style of the car.

mirror aluminum coil in car


Road traffic signs: Mirror aluminum coil is commonly used to make road traffic signs, such as traffic signs, road warning signs and guide signs. Its highly reflective properties make it easier to be noticed by drivers and pedestrians at night or under low light conditions, which improves traffic safety.

Building signage: Mirror aluminum coil is also commonly used for building signage, such as indoor and outdoor door signs, floor signs and corporate signs. Its glossy surface and metallic luster give the signage a high-end, modern appearance, increasing the building’s recognition and aesthetics.

Commercial advertising signage: In the field of commercial advertising, mirrored aluminum coils are commonly used to make neon light boxes, outdoor billboards and signage. Its reflective properties make the advertising message visible during the day and at night, attracting people’s attention.

mirror aluminum coil in signage

Mirror Aluminum Coil Features

Beautiful and generous appearance

High hardness and not easy to deform

Better abrasion resistance and higher tensile strength

Good anti-rust properties

Strong plasticity, easy to process molding

Good welding performance

yongsheng mirror aluminum coil

Mirror Aluminum Coil Supplier

Yongsheng is a manufacturer of Mirror Aluminum Coil, we have the technical ability to process Mirror Aluminum into all hard, semi-hard and soft states. It can be cut and leveled according to the width and length required by users. All our products are independently produced to provide you with excellent service with fast delivery, high quality assurance, factory prices and professional customer service staff. You are welcome to visit the factory and look forward to establishing a long-term good business relationship with you.

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