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Aluminum foils are indispensable in packaging cooking processes, as well as in household products and decorations.

Applications include food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cap materials, containers, household foil sheets, etc.

We offer a wide selection of alloys, colors, tempers, thicknesses widths and lengths, please feel free to inquire!

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We also provide all kinds of color options. Colored aluminum foil roll

Yongsheng Aluminum Foil Applications

1. Pharmaceutical Packaging: Aluminum foil is primarily used for light protection, moisture resistance, and oxygen barrier properties to ensure the sealing and safety of medications.

  • PTP Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil
  • Cold Stamped Medicine Foil
  • 8011-H18 Aluminum Foil for Medical Packaging
  • Capsule Aluminum Foil Board
  • … …

2. Heat Seal Foil (Bottle Cap): Heat seal foil is commonly used for bottle caps, featuring properties such as tear resistance and puncture resistance. It can be coated, laminated, and embossed. It is non-toxic and odorless, effectively blocking external gases and bacteria to extend the shelf life of food products.

  • Yogurt Lid
  • Milk Powder Lid
  • Beverage Cap
  • Cosmetic Bottle Cap
  • … …

3. Candy wrapper: Chocolate, Candy, and other Food Packaging: Aluminum foil is used as a food packaging material for chocolate, candy, and other products. It is easy to laminate and print on, provides opacity, has an extremely low oxygen transmission rate, and helps retain the aroma of the food, thereby extending its shelf life.

  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Chewing Gum
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • … …

4.Food Containers: Aluminum foil used in aluminum foil food containers can be directly used for storage, packaging, grilling/baking, molding, heating and freezing. The common aluminum alloys used for aluminum foil food containers materials are 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil.

  • Tart Cups
  • Aluminum Foil Pans
  • Wrinkle free aluminum foil food container
  • Aluminum Containers for Airline
  • Disposable take-out lunch box
  • Aluminum Foil Bowl
  • Aluminum Foil Plate
  • … …

5. Household Foil: Aluminum foil is widely used in baking materials such as food containers, baking trays, and barbecue grills. It can be used as a cover or wrap to store and preserve food.

6. Tubes (Toothpaste Tubes): Tubes used for products like toothpaste often employ 0.01/0.012 thickness 8011-HO aluminum foil. This type of foil offers excellent sealing properties, burst resistance, and food-grade safety.

7. Aluminum Foil for Beer Bottles: Aluminum foil caps are used for sealing beer and wine bottle openings or printing beer labels. They have a natural metallic texture, high brightness, are easy to process, and exhibit good printability and adhesion.

8. Cigarette Foil: Cigarette packaging foil is typically composed of paper and aluminum foil composite. Its primary function is to prevent moisture absorption and mold growth, as well as to prevent the diffusion of tobacco fragrance.

9. Coffee Capsules and Lids: Coffee capsules and lids are often made of aluminum foil and self-adhesive adhesive. The aluminum foil cups can be embossed and printed on. They are environmentally friendly and recyclable food-grade materials, providing insulation and freshness.

10.Aluminum Foil for Hookah 

coffee capsule

Our Adventages

Yongsheng Aluminum has been deeply involved in the industry for 25 years and is a large-scale producer of food-grade aluminum foil substrates. The company’s production of 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, and 1235 aluminum foil undergoes strict pinhole detection and oil removal processes, ensuring exceptional sealing properties.

We guarantee that our aluminum foil material has

  • Clean surface, free from oil stains, bright lines, and other impurities.
  • Uniform color, without any spots or discoloration.
  • Consistent thickness
  • Passes through rigorous pinhole detection, oil removal processes, and plate shape control.
  • Possesses strong puncture resistance and tear resistance, with high elongation.
  • Meet the food-grade requirements for safety and hygiene.

Yongsheng has collaborated with major pharmaceutical and food manufacturers both domestically and internationally for many years, and our quality stands up to tests. Applications include food packaging foil, pharmaceutical packaging foil, milk cap materials, meal box materials, container foil, household foil, barbecue foil, beer sealing foil, bottle cap materials, and more.

Aluminum foil belongs to green packaging. Aluminum foil packaging has outstanding advantages in terms of production efficiency, recyclability, and environmental friendliness. Food-grade aluminum foil packaging materials will be the development trend for green and safe packaging.

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