How thick is 9 gauge aluminum?

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9 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Thickness

9 gauge aluminum thickness in mm is 2.906mm.
9 gauge aluminum sheet in inches is 0.1144 inch.

9 Gauge Aluminum Weight

Taking the 9 gauge 4’x8′ aluminum as an example, estimate the weight of the 9 gauge aluminum thickness:

Weight = Density x Volume.
Volume = length x width x thickness.

4ft x 8ft 9 Gauge Aluminum Sheet 

DensityApproximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness9 ga
2.906 mm
0.1144 inches
Volume527.1552 cubic in
Wight51.397632 lbs






4’x8’ 9 gauge aluminum sheet




Usages of 9 Gauge Aluminum

  1. Electronics industry: 9 ga aluminum sheets are often used in the manufacture of electronic components and circuit boards. They have good thermal and electrical conductivity and can be used to make heat sinks, electronic housings and wires.
  2. Construction field: Aluminum sheets are very common in the construction field. 9 gauge aluminum sheets can be used to make indoor and outdoor decorative materials, roofing and curtain wall systems. Aluminum plates are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to process and recyclable, making them suitable for a variety of building styles and needs.
  3. Automobile industry: Aluminum sheets are increasingly used in automobile manufacturing. 9 gauge aluminum sheets can be used to manufacture body parts, wheel covers, door panels and roofs, etc.
  4. Packaging industry: Aluminum plates are widely used in food and beverage packaging. 2.906 mm aluminum plate can be used to make packaging materials such as cans, food cans, and sealing caps. Aluminum plates have good antibacterial and moisture-proof properties, while also protecting the quality and freshness of food and beverages.
  5. Manufacturing: 9 gauge aluminum sheets are often used in various manufacturing processes. They can be used to make molds, mechanical parts, equipment casings, etc. Aluminum sheets are easy to cut, weld and process, making them suitable for a variety of manufacturing needs.

Aluminum Sheet Properties

  • Light weight, high strength. 3.0mm thick aluminum sheet weighs 8kg per square plate, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2
  • Good durability and corrosion resistance. Using pvdf fluorocarbon paint, available for 25 years without fading.
  • Good workmanship. Adopting first processing and then painting process, the aluminum sheet can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and sphere.
  • Uniform coating and various colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum sheet even and consistent, with a variety of colors and a large choice of space.
  • Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. The non-adhesion of fluorine coating film makes the surface difficult to adhere to pollutants, and has good cleanliness.
  • Convenient installation and construction. Aluminum plate in the factory molding, construction site does not need to cut, fixed in the skeleton can be.
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly. Aluminum sheet can be 100% recycled, unlike glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum composite panels and other decorative materials, recycling high residual value.

9 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pakaging

5000 series aluminum plate PE film + plastic film + kraft paper packaging

aluminum plate PE film + plastic film + kraft paper packaging

5000 series aluminum plate white paper + plastic film + kraft paper packaging

aluminum plate white paper + plastic film + kraft paper packaging

aluminum plate anti-collision cotton packaging

5000 series aluminum plate wooden pallet placement

aluminum sheet wooden pallet placement

Common Aluminum Sheet Thickness in Gauge

9 Gauge vs 10 Gauge Aluminum

The thickness of 9 gauge aluminum is thicker than 10 ga aluminum.

9 Ga Aluminum Price

Today’s aluminum price of Yangtze Nonferrous Ferrous

2024.01.31 aluminum price

Today’s aluminum price 2024-01-31


Price Range

Average Price

Average price for the first three days

Average price for the first five days

Average price last week

Changjiang Nonferrous






Shanghai spot






Nanhai Lingtong






Where to Buy 9 Gauge Aluminum Sheet

Henan Yongsheng can produce aluminum sheet metal products of various thicknesses such as: 032 aluminum sheet gauge, .040 aluminum sheet gauge, .063 aluminum sheet gauge, 080 aluminum sheet gauge, 090 aluminum sheet gauge, 11 ga aluminum sheet, 24 gauge aluminum sheet, 30ga aluminum sheet, etc.

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